Over 150 years of restoring activity, trading and imitating antique furniture, the renowned Art workshop belonging to the Buffoli family began its history long ago in 1861. At the end of the last century, noble families from Brescia moved to the country-side of Franciacorta in the summer months where they checked the harvests, found out how their tenants children were and during the long lazy afternoons went to visit the three Buffoli brothers' workshop.
The nobles bought their furniture here and taught the three brothers, whom were simply carpenters at that time, the art of antique restoration. Many generations have past since then.
Now, the fifth generation continues with the same passion and the same restoring and imitation techniques as the original. Using their experience the Buffoli workshop creates and imitates dressers tables chairs and much more. On top of which the art of transforming or readapting doors panels and unused frames in woodwork or wall facing where caisson ceilings create a warm atmosphere.
Collaborating with film crews, interior designers and architects of clear international fame have all contributed to a professional maturity.
Buffoli Silvio Restorers Restoring Traders Imitation of antique furniture - P.Iva: 03297220174 - Tel. 030984219 - Cell. 3356076843